A half-elf who presents himself as an elf. Paks meets him when she works guarding a merchant train.[1] Arrogant and condescending, he uses the magic he has learned to pass as a full elf. Despite his training he is not as wise as he believes to use all of it properly. Throughout their relationship, however brief, Paks has a hard time believing him as he is prone to mislead and lie to get what he wants. Edit

He and Paks travel together through a mountain pass. Along the way, Macenion convinces Paks to join him on an exploration of a place now forbidden to elves, the banast taig. He instructs Paks about wardstones and the power that patterns have.[1]

As they travel through the mountain pass, Macenion instructs Paks on cairns marking the trails and the danger of snowcats. When they encounter one during the snowstorm, he encourages Paks to use her magic ring to control the beast so it can be killed, a decision Paks comes to regret deeply.[2]

Their journey in the underground city removes the darkness from the heart of the banast taig, allowing it to be the elfane taig again.[3]

Physical appearance Edit

By Paks' estimation, Macenion is a fingersbreadth shorter than she. He has wide-set grey-green eyes. He doesn't look like other elves but his voice does have some of the musical timbre.

Most of his musculature is concealed by his loose cloak so it is unclear how fit or strong he really is. Paks also notes that his hands are sinewy and not calloused. The lack of clarity regarding the latter characteristics makes her wonder how practiced he is a swordsman.[1]

Disposition Edit

Macenion met his fate in the bowels of the Taig building he & Paks entered. After defeating thralls of the evil which had the Taig imprisioned, then the evil itself, Macenion & Paks continued to explore, seeking to fulfill the quest. They encountered orcs and became separated. Macenion fell to a blow from behind, Paks found him with an axe standing out of his back. Her last sight of him was of his body "...glowing blue as fire..." before the newly freed Elfane Taig buried him within the collapsed ruins.

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