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• 8/13/2018

Size of company

How big was Phelans company? It mentions 3 cohorts, which would be by Roman standards 500 men each or 1500 men total.

Is this mentioned or hinted at in the books?
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• 8/14/2018
I found one reference. Siniavas column was 300 soldiers and 100 horse. They said that even with the whole company it would not be an easy fight. Meaning that the company is probably alot less than 1500 men total. I also found a reference to Paks wanting to be a sergeant, but that there were only 6 sergeants in the whole company. That means 2 sergeants (like Stammel) per cohort.

If a cohort is 150 men each I would not be surprised.
• 8/14/2018
I found the size mentioned to 104 soldiers per cohort. Updated wikipage accordingly.
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